atmos clock repair
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Atmos clock repair

atmos clock repair


Affordable, quality repair of this fine time piece is my goal.


Customers Atmos clocks in work.


All timing is checked for a minimum of two or three weeks.The clocks pictured above are typical of the repairs done by TMPCompany, each clock has a log sheet showing the date, and thenumber of minutes fast or slow. No clock is allowed out until it keeps time, and is set to factory standards.


I know you will be more than satisfied with the work performed at the TMP Company, I truly enjoy working on this timepiece. You can feel comfortable in knowing that I am a Certified Master Watchmaker, trained in Switzerland. More often than not an Atmos Clock was a very special gift, and is not just another clock, and special is how each Atmos is handled at the TMP Company

If you wish to ship your Atmos Clock for an estimate you must lock the balance and the cover. Place the clock inside of a box with packing material on all sides, then place that box inside of a larger box with packing on all sides. It is best to use UPS to the Watch & Battery Center, you can use US Mail to our PO Box.

If no parts are needed, the charge for most clocks is $400.00.You can call me directly at the repair department -



if you have any further questions.


Thomas M. Payne C.M.W.


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