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Watch Repair Price List

  • Complete overhaul includes the following:
  • Cleaning and inspection of all parts of the watch, inside and the outside case.
  • Replacement or repair of all worn or damaged parts.
  • Adjust time keeping to the best possible, depending on age, quality, and condition.
  • The prices do not include the replacement or cost of worn and damaged parts.
Manual wind_______________________$75.00
Manual wind shockproof____________$80.00
Manual wind w/calendar____________$95.00
Automatic wind____________________$150.00
Automatic w/calender______________$175.00
Automatic chronometer_____________$750.00
Small ligne or high grade_________$73.00
Late model Swiss Pocket Watch_____$175.00
Quartz analog_____________________$125.00 
Quartz analog w/calendar__________$150.00
Quartz high grade/very thin_______$175.00
Quartz analog w/LCD display_______$125.00
Quartz pocket watch_______________$125.00
Accutron all models_______________$200.00
Antique wrist watch_______________$290.00
Antique pocket watch______________$290.00
Retro fit from mechanical
to Quartz movement________________$150.00
Balance staff wristwatch__________$85.00
Balance staff pocket watch________$85.00
Mainspring wristwatch_____________$35.00
Mainspring pocket watch___________$40.00
Push crown________________________$39.00
Gaskets fit_______________________$9.00
Cell installed____________________$9.00
Spring bars per side______________$2.00
Pins/screws cut to fit____________$15.00
Remove band links ________________$15.00
Hands fit:  1 only________________$8.00
1 Pair____________________________$14.50
Set H/M/S_________________________$16.00
Roller jewel fit to sample________$30.00
Roller jewel installed____________$20.00
Dial feet with case complete______$20.00

 All work is done by estimate first, most repairs are $150 and up. The cost is based on cleaning plus additional items such as the mainspring, stem and crown or other parts.

All prices subject to change without notice. Please use this as a guide, your price depends on the condition of your watch, and the cost of parts. Your watch will run at least one year guaranteed, and yes, dropping your watch on the tile floor just once will void this warrantee.

All high grade watches such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Zenith, are by estimate only. Charges for these watches start at about $300 plus parts. For shipping information click...

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