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Case back wrench

How to

The problem is that many case backs now are stamped out instead the notch being milled out. This saves allot of time and money in production but makes changing the battery much harder.

Things to try:

Use the square tips on the wrench

Make sure the flat side of the tips are facing the inside of the notch and touching the inside surface of the notch.

If the watch has a metal band that is in the way remove the spring bar from the clasp with a paper clip and lay it out flat.

Place your thumb on the top of the wrench when turning it.

The most important thing is the case back and the wrench must always be parallel to each other. If you are holding the watch in the palm of your hand and the wrench in the other, you may tilt to one side and it will slip out.


The case holder 259.100 will allow you to push down on the wrench while you turn the wrench. The case holder will fit in to a vice to hold the watch while you open the back. if you don't have a vice you can use 259.901 to hold the case vise or just the watch case and clamp it to a table.

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