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TMPCO is a business, but its roots grow deeper than that. We have been in the Lake City area for 24 years now and over that time we have developed a personal relationship with every person we have had the honor to meet. When a customer comes through our doors more times than not they are leaving laughing and feeling a sense of belonging.

Something about Tom Payne… My Grandfather Tom is the heart of this business, he is the founder and the work horse that makes all the gears to the business move. He went to the Watch Technology Institute at North Seattle Community College in 1981. He graduated in 1983 and started a “Refresher Course” the same year in Switzerland. The course lasted six months and he was ready to begin the business the following year in 1984, thus TMPCO was founded. The business started out as a watch material wholesaler downtown in the Joshua Green building located on 4th & Pike. In 1995 The business moved up to Lake City and went retail under the name “Watch & Battery Center.” We have been here ever since keeping Seattle on time.